Run a report

Download different reports regarding your workers, payroll, taxes, and more:

  1. Click the Reports tab.
  2. Under Reports, select one of the below reports.
  3. For a few of these reports(*), select the following settings:
    • The dates for the report
    • If you want a basic summary report, or an advanced detailed report
  4. Download the report as a CSV or PDF.

The below reports can be downloaded:

Report Name Description
*Payroll Journal This report shows detailed payroll information for each pay period and employee—perfect for accountants.
*Benefits Report This report shows employee deduction amounts and company contribution amounts for each benefit.
*Year-to-Date Report This report shows total earnings, tax withholdings, and net pay for each employee.
Employee Information

This report shows information about your employees that include personal details, employment dates, compensation, federal withholding allowances, and state withholding allowances.

Contractor Information This report shows information about your contractors that include personal details and their wage type.
*Contractor Payments This report shows the payment method, date of payment, hours worked, additional earnings, and personal notes on each contractor payment.
Bank Account Transactions This report shows all payroll-related bank transactions between Gusto and your company's bank account.
*Paid Time Off Summary

This report shows remaining vacation and sick hours for each employee. It also shows vacation and sick hours used in pay periods ending in the selected year.

This means if a pay period is from December 26, 2015–December 30, 2015 with a payday on January 1, 2016, any PTO in this pay period will be included in the 2015 report.

Agency Payments Report

This report shows all federal, state, and local tax deposits as well as any garnishment payments Gusto has made on behalf of your company.

Payrolls Prior to Gusto This report shows all payrolls you added to the account before joining Gusto. This includes earnings, deductions, employee taxes, and employer taxes for each employee.


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