Register in California

California tax agency

You will need to register with this agency in order for Gusto to file and pay your taxes.

    • California Employment Development Department (EDD)

Set up an existing company

  • Your EDD number will be an eight digit account number, format XXX-XXXX-X. If you already have an EDD number you can find it on form DE-9 or DE-9c.
  • UI earned rate: The new employer rate in California is 3.4%. 
  • Need help? Contact the agency at (888) 745-3886.

Register a new company

  1. First enroll as a New User with the EDD e-Services for Business by clicking Enroll for a username and password.
  2. Once you are enrolled, log into your e-Services account.
  3. Click Register a New Account (DE1)
  4. Complete the registration process. During the process you will be asked:
  5. "Are you an authorized Payroll Agent?" Please select No.
  6. "Does this business use professional assistance for payroll reporting?" Please select Yes.
  7. "Agency where you want your tax mailings sent?" Please enter your own company name and mailing address. This ensures that your company receives any important letters from the EDD.
  8. The date you expect to become liable for payroll taxes, which is typically the first day you will pay wages. Please note that Gusto will only begin filing your taxes once you run a payroll with California wages. If you choose a liable date that is prior to when you actually run your first payroll, you may be responsible for filing returns with the agency on your own in the interim.
  9. Your request will be sent to the EDD, and may take up to 3 business days for processing. You can log back into e-Services to check on the status of your registration.
  10. Note: The new employer rate for unemployment tax in California is 3.4%. 


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