Register in Colorado

Colorado tax agencies

  • Department of Revenue  - income tax withholding and electronic payment ID
  • Unemployment Account Number - unemployment tax
  • Denver and Aurora OPT Accounts - local taxes

Existing company registration

The Colorado Department of Revenue will issue you a withholding account number. You can check your previous Colorado quarterly returns (form DR 1094) for this information or call the Colorado Department of Revenue at (303)238-7378.

You can find your current unemployment tax rate by referring to your most recent Notice of Employer's Tax Rate (Form UITR-7) or by calling the SUI agency at (800)480-8299.

New company registration

Registered agent

Any business in Colorado with employees is required to have a registered agent on file.  If your main location is in-state, this will be your business location.

If your main business location is out of state, the registered agent will serve as your de facto location in Colorado to receive official state notices and legal documentation. A registered agent can be:

  • ​An employee. As long as they are 18 years of age or older and have residence in Colorado.
  • A registered agent service

Tip: Stay away from companies offering free agent service. They very often will require you to purchase other goods or services or will charge you fees after the first year.

You will need your registered agent and your Federal EIN already in place. You can then apply for your SOS number via an online form.

Income and unemployment tax

You can apply for both taxes online with the Colorado Business Express. This will get you registered with both the Department of Revenue and the Department of Labor. Once you have registered online, you will receive an instant confirmation followed up by a letter in the mail.

You can also register in person for same-day confirmation, or register by form to receive confirmation in 4-6 weeks.

You will be liable for state unemployment if you have paid at least $1500 in wages in a calendar quarter or had at least one employee for a portion of a day in each of 20 different weeks during the current or preceding calendar year. For new employers, the unemployment tax rate is typically 1.70% (5.06% for general construction and trades, 7.72% for heavy construction). The Bond Principal is an additional tax rate, which typically starts at 0.43% for new employers (1.28% for general construction and trades, 1.95% for heavy construction).

Withholding Credit ID

The withholding credit ID (also called the EFT credit ID) allows us to make electronic payments to the state on your behalf. We will use the withholding account number you provide to obtain the credit ID for your company. If we are unable to obtain this we will notify you to call the agency at (303)238-7378 to troubleshoot. Some common reasons we cannot obtain your number are:

  • You have provided an incorrect withholding account number
  • You have not opened a withholding account under the number provided
  • The legal name you have provided does not match what is registered with the state

Occupational Privilege Tax (OPT)

If you have employees working in Denver, Aurora, Sheridan, Glendale, or Greenwood Village you may be liable for OPT. 

To get a Denver OPT account and receive a Tax ID, fill out and mail in an application that can be accessed online here.

To get an Aurora OPT account and receive a Business License Account Number, register online or mail in a form. Registration time can take 10-14 days.

To get a Sheridan OPT account register your business online with the city.

To get a Glendale OPT account register your business online with the city.

To get a Greenwood Village OPT account register your business online with the city.  


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