Qualifying life event (QLE)

A qualifying life event is a particular moment in your life that allows you to make changes to your health insurance policy. If you're experiencing a QLE, you're eligible for a special enrollment period which would otherwise be fixed and closed until your current plan is up for renewal.

Examples of common QLEs

  • Marriage, divorce, or legal separation.
  • Death of a spouse or child, change in dependents.
  • Change in residence or work location that leads to a change in your benefits eligibility.
  • Change in employment that leads to a gain or loss of health insurance coverage.
  • Aging out of coverage if you are a dependent on another plan. The age at which you become ineligible to be a dependent on another plan is state-specific. To find out about your state, reference the State Legislature.

Valid forms of proof

Use the chart below to determine what kind of proof you'll need to change your benefits.

Note:  If you're experiencing a QLE and your benefits are managed by Gusto, you can change your benefits directly in your Gusto employee account.


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