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Unemployment tax

The Texas Workforce Commission will issue you an account number and tax rate. The number will be 9 digits in the format XX-XXXXX-XX. It can be found on the Employer's Quarterly Report (form C-3).

Your Texas Effective UI Tax Rate appears on the notice that you receive from the Texas Workforce Commission each year. It generally ranges from 0.46%–6.46% with a wage base of $9,000.

If you can't locate your account number or rate you can call the TWC at (512) 463-2731 or reach them by email at

Register a new company

New employers in Texas are not be eligible to receive an Unemployment account number until they have paid $1500 in wages. If you have not yet met this threshold, please enter the new employer rate of 2.7% in your Gusto account and register as soon as you are able to.

  1. Register online by visiting the TWC website.
  2. You'll be asked a few simple questions about your company details. That includes company location, Federal EIN, Secretary of State ID, and important dates regarding your company's operations.
  3. You should receive your TWC Tax Account Number instantly after registering online.
  4. You will also receive your Effective UI Tax Rate. Generally, it's 2.7% for new employers. When entering this in your Gusto account, be sure to include all five component rates:
    • General Tax Rate (GTR)
    • Replenishment Tax Rate (RTR)
    • Obligation Assessment Rate (OA)
    • Deficit Tax Rate (DTR)
    • Employment and Training Investment Assessment (ETIA)


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