Register in Nevada

Nevada Tax Agency

  • Nevada Department of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation (DETR) - unemployment tax
  • Nevada Department of Taxation - modified business tax 

Set up an existing company

The Nevada DETR will issue you an employer account number. This number will be 9 digits long. 

The Nevada Department of Taxation will issue you a Modified Business Tax account number. This number will be 10 digits long. 

Unemployment Tax Rate: The DETR will also issue you a SUI rate, that can be found on your "Notice of Employer's Contribution Rates." It ranges from 0.3%–5.4% with a wage base of $30,500. 

If you're unsure of your account numbers or rates you should call the agency at (775) 687-4545. 

Bond Factor Tax Rate: As of the quarter ending September 30, 2017, Nevada's Special Bond Contributions will no longer be assessed so there is no need to set it up in Gusto at this time.

Register a new company

  1. Register with the DETR online.
  2. Click on Create a new online user account. 
  3. You will receive your SUTA Number instantly after registering online, or in 30 days if registering by mail.
  4. If this is the first time you've run payroll in Nevada, your new employer SUI rate will generally be 3%.

If you are subject to Nevada Unemployment tax you are also subject to Modified Business Tax. The good news is that when you register for SUI you will also be automatically registered with the Nevada Department of Taxation for MBT. You will then receive your MBT account number with your "New Nevada Employer Welcome Package."


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