Add or refer a new client on your partner dashboard

You can add a client to your Partner Dashboard where you have full admin access or refer a client. This gives you full access to your client's payroll account, including the ability to run payroll and view reports. This option is mostly used by partners that run payroll for their clients.

  1. Click the Dashboard tab.
  2. Click +Add a new client under Partner Program.
  3. Click Add managed client or Add referral client.
    • Manage new clientYou’ll receive access to your client’s Gusto account, a discount on their monthly bill or revenue share, and they’ll also count towards your Partner Program level.
    • Refer a clientIf you just want to refer a client, you’ll get a $100 referral bonus after they run payroll.  You won’t be able to access their account, pass along volume discounts or earn revenue share.
  4. Based on your selection above, follow the instructions below under the corresponding headline.

Manage a new client

  1. Enter your client's legal name and trade name.
  2. Enter the number of employees your client has.
  3. Select if this client has run payroll with another provider in the past or if this will be the client's first payroll.
    • This lets us know if we need to collect any previous payroll info from your client.
  4. Enter your client's email address, first name, and last name and we will invite them to create an admin account.
  5. Click Save & Continue.
  6. Select who will pay Gusto's monthly bill.
    • Revenue Share: Bill my client at the standard rate and receive a monthly revenue share from Gusto.
    • Client Discount: Bill my client at our discounted rate.
    • Firm Discount: Bill my firm at our discounted rate.
  7. Click Add Client.

You will see the client on your Partner Dashboard under the Clients That Require Setup section.

What's next? Click Set Up Company to start setting up your client's Gusto account yourself, or add another admin to invite a different user that will complete the setup.

Refer a client

  1. Enter your client's legal name, full name, and email.
  2. Enter your client's phone number, number of employees at their company, and a personal note if desired.
  3. Click Add Referral.

We'll send the referred client an invitation to set up their Gusto account. Check the Referred Clients section to view the status of your referrals.

Note: When referred through the partner dashboard, only partners will receive the referral bonus –the client will not.



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