Add a new client to your dashboard for payroll

You can add a client to your Partner Dashboard where you have full admin access. This gives you full access to your client's payroll account, including the ability to run payroll and view reports. This option is mostly used by partners that run payroll for their clients.

  1. Click the Dashboard tab.
  2. Click +Add a new client.
  3. Select Yes, I will help manage this client's payroll.
  4. Enter your client's legal name and trade name.
  5. Select if this client has run payroll with another provider in the past or if this will be the client's first payroll.
  6. If you have a bank account set up, select if you want to be billed for this client or if the client should be billed directly.
  7. Click Save.

You will see the client on your Partner Dashboard under the Clients That Require Setup section.

What's next? Click Set Up Company to start setting up your client's Gusto account yourself, or add another collaborator to invite a different user that will complete the setup.



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