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  • New York Department of Labor - income tax withholding and unemployment tax

Set up an existing company

If you have registered with the Department of Labor before, your income tax withholding account will be your EIN followed by a two digit location code. This is typically 00 unless you have multiple business locations.

You can find your unemployment account number on your quarterly return (form NYS-45). It's an 8-digit number that's unique to New York Unemployment. Your New York UI Contribution Rate appears on the Notice of Unemployment Insurance Rate (form IA 97) that you receive from the New York Department of Labor each year. When entering your UI Contribution Rate, please do not include the Re-Employment Service Fund rate. If you're unsure about your account number or rate, it is always best to call the agency at (888) 899-8810.

Register a new company

Income and Unemployment tax

  1. Register online at the New York Department of Labor website
    • You will come across a section called Agent C/O Address which will ask if you would like UI related mail to be directed to your payroll provider. Please select No.
    • If you are a Non-Profit Organization, please complete a NYS-100N form here.
  2. Once you are registered with New York Unemployment, you will also be registered for New York State Withholding.
  3. Your New York State Identification Number, used for state withholding, will be your EIN followed by a location code (if applicable to your business.)
  4. Your UI Employer Registration Number will be an 8-digit account number.
  5. The UI rate for new employers is generally 4%. You can enter this in your Gusto account as you wait to receive your account number.
  6. You should receive your numbers in 7-10 days after registering online. 


PrompTax is an electronic filing and payment program that is typically required if your aggregate tax withheld for the previous tax year is $100,000 or more.

When you register your business for PrompTax via Online Services you will receive a 6-digit Access Code. We require you to enter this access code in your Gusto account so we can successfully file and pay your taxes. Please note, you may receive a 5 digit PIN upon initial registration. This is not the same as the 6 digit Access Code and should not be entered in your Gusto account.

If you need any help with PrompTax, please contact the NY PrompTax Customer Service Center at (518) 457-2332.

State disability insurance (SDI)

New York is one of a few states that requires employers to provide disability benefits coverage to employees for an off-the-job injury or illness. They have a state-run program called the New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF) that you can sign up for to provide this policy.  New York allows you to withhold $0.60 per week from your employees to help fund this policy.  At this time, Gusto does not automatically remit payments to the NYSIF.


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