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Arizona tax agencies

  • Arizona Department of Revenue (DOR) - income tax withholding
  • Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES) - unemployment tax

Set up an existing company

If you have run payroll in AZ in the past, you can find your unemployment account number and tax rate on notices received from the Arizona Department of Economic Security or give them a call at (602) 771-6602.

Unemployment Tax Rate: You receive your Unemployment Insurance (UI) rate with an annual notice from the Department of Economic Security. It ranges from 0.04%–10.59%. Verify your rate by calling the agency at (602) 771-6602. 

Register a new company

Visit the AZ Taxes website (note: it may require using Internet Explorer or Firefox) and select Register for an AZTaxes Account.

Follow the prompts in the registration and complete the form. Both tax agencies process your application separately, and each agency will notify you once the processing is complete. For unemployment tax you will be liable once you have paid $1500 wages in a calendar quarter or had one employee for part of a day in 20 different weeks in a calendar year.

The online registration process can take 2-3 weeks online. Please keep this time frame in mind when planning your first Arizona payroll. Alternatively, your request will be processed same-day if you register in person at a local Arizona Department of Revenue office.

Your unemployment tax rate and JTT rate will be sent to you annually and appear on the Determination of Unemployment Tax Rate letter you receive from the DES.

Unemployment Tax Rate: For new employers, the rate is 2.00%. Verify your rate by calling the DES at (602) 771-6602. 

If you have any questions, you can also call the AZ DOR at (602) 255-3381.

Troubleshoot Department of Revenue authorization issues

Some agencies require special authorization for Gusto to pay or file your taxes.

To ensure successful authorization, please make sure the following information you have entered in your Gusto account matches what is on file with the Arizona Department of Revenue:

  • Official company name/address
  • FEIN - Federal Employment Identification Number

If Gusto is having trouble gaining access to your account, please verify that the above information matches exactly what the agency has on file by giving them a call at (602) 255-3381 or toll-free at (800) 843-7196.


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