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Maine tax agencies

  • Maine Revenue Services - income tax withholding
  • Maine Department of Labor - unemployment tax

Set up an existing company

Income tax withholding

Businesses that have run payroll in Maine previously can find their Withholding Account Number on Form 941ME or any other notice received from Maine Revenue Services. If you're unsure of what your number is, you should call the agency at (207) 626-8475.

Unemployment Tax

If you've run payroll in Maine before, you can find your Employer Account Number on notices received from the Maine Department of Labor, Form ME UC-1 or by calling the agency at (207) 621-5120.

Experience Rate: Your Maine Experience Rate appears on the Notice of Contribution Rate that you receive from the Maine Department of Labor. It ranges from 0.06%–5.46% with a wage base of $12,000. When inputting your rate, please exclude the Competitive Skills Scholarship Fund (CSSF) component.

Register a new company

New company registration

You can register for both income and unemployment taxes at the same time online at the Maine Employer Registration Internet System.

You should receive your Withholding Account Number in about 5-7 days. The last two digits of your number are usually: 00 unless your number was reissued to the business.

Most companies are liable for state unemployment when they have one or more workers in different weeks in a calendar year or payroll of $1500 in a calendar quarter. You can find out if you are liable and register online with the Maine Employer Registration Internet System. You should receive your Employer Account Number and unemployment tax rate in about 5-7 days.

Experience Rate: The rate for new employers is typically 1.8%. If you're unsure of your account number or rate, please call the agency at (207) 621-5120.


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