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If you've run payroll in Maryland previously, you can find your eight digit CRN on your Withholding Tax Return (Form MW506) which you would have received from the Comptroller of Maryland. If you can't find this form, you should contact the agency at (410) 260-7980. 

You can find your ten digit MD Employer Account Number on any notice received from the MD Department of Labor, Licensing and Registration, Division of Unemployment Insurance. You can also find it on your Unemployment Insurance Quarterly Contribution Report (FORM DLLR/OUI 15). If you are unsure you should call the agency at (410) 767-2414.

Unemployment Tax Rate: The Maryland unemployment tax rate ranges from 0.3%–7.5% with a wage base of $8,500. If you are unsure you should call the agency at (410) 767-2414.

Register a new company

Income tax withholding

Register with the Comptroller of Maryland online to obtain both your Central Registration Number (CRN) and your Employer Account Number. Click Begin Registration at the bottom of the website to get started. You should receive your Central Registration Number in 5-7 days after registering online, or in 3 weeks if registering by mail. You may also call (800) 638-2937 or email after 5 days to receive your CRN earlier. Please keep this time frame in mind when planning your first Maryland payroll.

Unemployment tax rate

Your MD Unemployment Tax Rate appears in the "Contribution Rate" box of the Experience Rate Notice from the MD Department of Labor. New employers will need to complete the registration to receive their new employer rate, which is usually either 2.60% or 6.6%. If you have questions you should call the agency at (410) 767-2413.


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