Register in Mississippi

Mississippi tax agencies

  • Mississippi Department of Revenue (DOR) - income tax withholding
  • Mississippi Department of Employment Security (DES) - unemployment tax

Set up an existing company

If you've run payroll in Mississippi in the past, you can find your Tax Account ID Number on notices that you have received from the Mississippi Department of Revenue or you may call them at (601) 923-7700.

You can find your MDES EAN on notices received from the Mississippi Department of Employment Security such as the Registration Notification Letter or Quarterly Contribution Report (Form UI-2). You should also call the agency at (601) 321-6000 if you need to inquire about your number.

UI Contribution Rate: If you have run payroll in Mississippi before, you can find your UI Contribution Rate on the Contribution Tax Rate Notice that is sent out by the Mississippi Department of Employment Security. It generally ranges from 0.2%–5.6% with a wage base of $14,000. Please exclude the training rate when inputting your UI contribution rate. If you’re unsure, verify your rate by calling your Tax Field Representative.

Register a new company

Income tax withholding

Register with the Department of Revenue online. First click Register at the top center of the page and then click on New Taxpayer on the following page. You should receive your account number instantly after registering online. If you have questions you may call the DOR at (601) 923-7700.  

Unemployment tax

Most companies are liable for state unemployment when they have paid $1500 in wages in a calendar quarter or had one employee in some portion of a day in each of 20 different calendar weeks in a calendar year. You can check if you are liable and register with the Department of Employment Security online. To begin the registration, please click the link that says New Business Registration. You should receive your MDES Employer Account Number and tax rate instantly after registering online, or in 3 days if registering by mail. The new employer rate is generally 1.2%–1.4% for the first year. Do not include the "Training Rate" when inputting your UI Contribution Rate. If you're unsure of your account number or rate you should call the agency at (601) 321-6000.


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