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Unemployment tax

You can find your Employer Account Number on notices you've received from the Department of Labor and Workforce Development such as the Premium Report or Wage Report.

Unemployment insurance rate

You can find your Employer Tax Rate on your Notice of Premium Rate. It generally ranges from 0.01%–10% with a wage base of $7,000 in 2018.

If you're having trouble finding your account number or rate, you should call the agency at (615) 741-2486. 

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Unemployment tax

Every employer in Tennessee is required to fill out a Report to Determine Status, Application for Employer Number (LB-0441) and mail it in. If they determine you are liable, the Department of Labor & Workforce Development will send you an eight digit employer account number that will appear as XXXX-XXX X. You should receive this number in 2-3 weeks after registering.

Unemployment insurance rate

New employers in the state of Tennessee will generally have a tax rate of 2.7%. New construction employers in certain North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) sectors may be assessed a higher rate. New construction employers classified under NAICS 23 are assessed a tax rate of 6%. Each year you will receive an updated rate on your Notice of Premium Rate. Call the agency at (615) 741-2486 if you're unsure of your rate.


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