Assign a manager to your employees

After setting up paid time off requests, you can delegate PTO approvals to your employee's managers.

Step 1. Ensure the manager has an employee account

A user must have an employee Gusto account in order to be assigned as a manager.

  1. Add the manager as an employee if this is not already set up.
  2. Grant this employee account online access to Gusto if this is not already set up.

Step 2. Assign a manager to your employees

  1. Click the People tab.
  2. Click the name of the employee who you'd like to assign a manager.
  3. Navigate to the Job & Pay tab.
  4. Click Edit next to Employment Details section. 
  5. Select the manager from the drop-down menu (shows the list of employees with Gusto access).
  6. Click Save.

Your employees will now have the ability request paid time off directly to their manager, and managers can viewapprove, and decline vacation and sick time off requests for their assigned employees.

Step 3. Notify your managers

  1. Notify your managers that they are able to approve time off requests for their team. 
  2. Here's a sample message you can use to spread the word:
Subject: Manage your team's PTO requests in Gusto
Great news! Now you can view, approve, and decline your team's vacation or sick time off requests within your Gusto account. Once your employee submits a time off request, you'll receive an email notification to review it. Log into Gusto to see all PTO requests filed by your team.

Questions and Answers

Q: Will I still receive notifications for employee PTO requests?
A: If your employee is assigned to a manager, only the manager will receive an email notification and sticky note reminder when their employee requests time off. Payroll administrators will no longer receive these messages. 

Q: Can I still view, approve, and decline employee time off requests?
A: You sure can. Managers can only view, approve, and decline time off requests from their assigned employees, but payroll administrators will have the ability to manage all employee PTO requests.



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