Understand your billing invoice

Your company will be invoiced each month for Gusto's services. We'll let you know the invoice total on the first business day of the month, then debit your company bank account one business day after that.

The debit will include:

  1. Your base fee.
  2. A charge for each active employee. If an employee is active in your account, even if they were not included on payroll for the month, they will be included in your invoice. If you dismiss someone during the month, they will be included in your invoice. If you are no longer paying an employee, please make sure to dismiss them from your account.
  3. A charge for each contractor that was paid in the month. This includes historical payments. If a contractor was not paid in a given month, they will not be included in your monthly invoice.

To view your billing invoice:

  1. Click the Settings tab.
  2. Click the Plan & Billing tab.
  3. View the Gusto Billing section to see your payment plan and next invoice.
  4. Click See All Invoices to view your payment history.
  5. Click View Invoice to check out the invoice for a particular month.
  6. The first page of your invoice will be a summary of your charges. The second page will include an itemized list of charges.

Note: If you don't need payroll for a short period of time, but plan to run payroll for your company again in the future, we recommend that you keep your Gusto account active. You will receive your invoice each month as we continue to process your tax payments and filings, and when you need payroll again, your account will be ready for you.


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