Enroll in benefits

When you’re ready to enroll in your company’s benefits, log into your Gusto employee account and follow these steps:

Step 1. Who’s Covered

  1. If you don’t have any dependents, click Save & Continue to bypass this step. If you do, click +Add dependent.
  2. Enter their information and click Save when you're done:
    • Relationship
    • Full Name
    • Birth Date
    • Gender
    • Social Security Number
  3. Click Save & Continue.

Step 2. Choose Benefits

Each benefit offered to you will appear on this step. When you click Enroll or Waive on the right side of each benefit, you’ll be presented with your plan options. There are a couple steps within each benefit type to complete before you finish choosing benefits:

  1. Verify the family members you’d like to include. Click edit if you need to make changes.
  2. When you’ve made your choice, click Select. If you’d like to opt out of your company’s benefits this year, click Waive, then click Save & Continue.
  3. Review your cost summary. We’ll give you the total cost, your company’s contribution to that total, and the per paycheck cost to you. When you’re ready to move forward, click Save & Continue.  

Step 3. Extra Information

We need to collect a few more pieces of information so we can automatically prepare your enrollment forms to send directly to the health insurance carrier(s). When you've finished answering these questions, click Save & Continue.

Step 4. Sign Forms

Sign each enrollment form or waiver on the last step, then click Confirm Enrollment.

Questions & Answers

Q: When does my coverage start?
A: Your effective date will appear in the Benefits tab. Sign into your Gusto account to take a look.

Q: When will I get my ID cards?
A: ID cards will come directly from the carrier. If you're missing your ID cards or you'd like to order duplicates, reach out the member services department of your health insurance carrier.

Q: I've changed my mind and I want to enroll in a different plan. What should I do?
A: You have a 1 day grace period to make changes to your enrollment selections. If you'd like to make a change and you're still within your grace period, click Change my selections. If you don't see the option to change your selections, it means that you've missed your deadline and you'll need to contact us at benefits@gusto.com to unlock your enrollment (if possible).

Note: This is relevant to companies whose benefits are managed by Gusto. Estimated costs based on your responses are for illustrative purposes only and should not be relied upon. Actual costs will vary. While we try to keep doctor and provider information updated, it changes often, and it is your responsibility to verify that a provider is actually included in the plan or network you have chosen and provides the services you are seeking. 


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