Understand your QuickBooks Online integration

After connecting your QuickBooks Online (QBO) integration through Gusto and completing your account mappings, you are ready to sync over your payroll information.

The integration will sync over an expense in the form of a journal entry. The journal entry will include your expense items, the amount of cash that will be pulled by Gusto (broken out by cash withdrawal or check, if applicable), and any outstanding liabilities. The journal entry is two sided, meaning it contains both debits and credits, and it will automatically reconcile with any cash transactions that post to your bank account.

Sync your payrolls

  1. Navigate to the Reports tab.
  2. Click on the payroll you would like to sync.
  3. Click Sync at the top of the payroll detail page.
    • Note: If you have autosync enabled the data will automatically push over when you process payroll.
  4. A timestamp will populate confirming the data was pushed over to QBO.
  5. Login to your QBO account.
  6. In your QBO account under Transactions, select Banking to pull up your banking transactions.
  7. On the right side select Go to Register, this is where our journal entry will post
  8. Each line item in the register will represent an amount of cash Gusto will pull, or the amount of an outstanding check.
  9. To pull up the journal entry detail, click on the journal entry line and select edit. Here you can see the full split detail populated based on your mappings.
  10. These expenses can be seen on any expense reports and profit and loss statements.

Reconciliation process

  1. Under Transactions select Banking.
  2. Locate the Gusto cash withdrawals (i.e. GUSTO ACH XXXXXX).
  3. In the Category or Match column the transaction will automatically match with our journal entry.
  4. Select Match on the right side and your reconciliation is complete.





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