Renew your benefits with Gusto

Each year you’ll reflect on your company’s benefits package and make changes for the following year. This process is called “renewal.”

Here’s a timeline of what to expect:

  1. Around 90 days before your renewal, we’ll send you a survey to get an idea about what worked, what didn’t, and what (if any) changes you’d like to make for next year.
  2. Spend some time considering your team’s needs and complete the survey when you’re ready. You have up to two weeks to finish, but the sooner the better so we can move forward with our plan recommendations.
  3. Once we get your response, we’ll take a couple weeks to brainstorm and make plan recommendations. When we’ve narrowed down some options that meet your needs, we’ll send it to you to review. If you like our suggestions, we’ll finalize your benefits package. If not, send it back and we’ll get you more choices. You also have the option to renew with your past selections, which will be presented in your Gusto account. This stage should take about 2 weeks.                    
  4. After the plan selection stage is finished, we’ll start planning the enrollment logistics. You’ll work with a designated renewal coordinator to set up open enrollment so that your team can choose their benefits. 
  5. Open enrollment will be about 1 week. During this time, each eligible employee will select or waive coverage, and add or remove dependents for the upcoming year.  
  6. We’ll take the last few weeks to gather all of the enrollment information and submit your company’s application to the health insurance carriers before your coverage begins.

Once your renewal is complete and your coverage has started, you can access your benefits dashboard to find helpful details about your benefits package including plans, costs, and teammates enrolled. 

Note: This is an estimated timeline. The exact dates will vary based on your company’s needs. At any point during your renewal you can log into your Gusto account and see what stage you are at in the renewal process. If you have any questions, reach out to your renewal coordinator or email our Benefits Renewal team at


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