Switching from 2-day to 4-day payroll processing

Gusto may suspend your company’s 2-day payroll processing for any of the following reasons:

  1. You couldn’t fulfill one of the program requirements. Some examples include:
    • You could not connect your bank account using our instant bank verification feature (IBV).
      • Your bank account will be disconnected if you update your bank information. You are required to reconnect your bank using IBV.
    • You could not activate reverse wire for your bank account.
      • Reverse wire will be deactivated if you update your bank information. You are required to reactivate reverse wire once your new bank account has been verified.
    • You did not upload screenshots of your bank account when requested.
  2. We were unable to debit funds for payrolls, contractor payments, and/or invoices.
  3. You decide to suspend your Gusto account.
  4. You requested to have us suspend 2-day processing.

The list above is not exhaustive. Gusto may suspend 2-day payroll processing at any time for any company. If you think we erroneously suspended your company’s 2-day payroll processing, please contact us immediately.


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