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Gusto Cashout employee overview

Gusto’s banking partner, Sunrise Banks, loans you up to half of your earned wage amount per pay period (or $1,000 - whichever is less) and your loan is automatically repaid from your next paycheck.

Conditions that must be met before you can use Gusto Cashout

  • You’ve accepted the most recent Gusto Terms of Service.

  • You’ve cashed out less than twice this month.

  • You do not have an outstanding amount due.

  • Your company’s regular payroll is processing according to the set schedule.

  • You’ve accrued at least $75 in wages (this is the minimum Cashout amount).

  • You have not cashed out more than 50% of your average net pay over several pay periods.

  • You have an unpaid Cashout balance of less than $1,000.

  • Your primary bank account on file has received at least one regular paycheck via direct deposit.

  • Your average regular net pay over the last 3 payrolls is above $75.

Gusto Cashout Basics

  • Employees are allowed 2 cash outs per calendar month 

  • Cash outs are capped at 50% of average net pay per pay period, or $1,000 - whichever is less.

    • This is intended to make sure you still have money left over on your regular payday.

  • Utilizing the Cashout feature includes a 1% fee* on the amount you’re cashing out. 

    • This is handled in the repayment process through payroll.

  • Cashout requests submitted before 4pm PT will be deposited to your primary bank account the afternoon of the following business day. 

    • Any cash outs submitted after 4pm PT will process the next business day, but the payment will be deposited on the 2nd business day after the cash out was requested. 

  • Gusto’s Cashout program does not affect your credit as we do not report to any credit reporting agencies. 

  • Cashout is currently available in all states except AZ, MA, ME, WV, IL, NV, NH, NJ, ND, OR, PA, and VT. 

*APR varies based on the term of the loan. For a loan amount of $400 over an 8-day term until the next payday, the APR would be 45.63%, and the repayment amount would be $404.