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Gusto Cashout employee overview

With Gusto Cashout, in partnership with Sunrise Banks, N.A., you can cash out up to half of your estimated paycheck, with a maximum of $1,000, and your loan is automatically repaid through the regular payroll cycle.

Like other financial products, you need to meet eligibility criteria in order to use Gusto Cashout. If you are eligible for Gusto Cashout, you will see the “Cashout” tab in your employee profile.

Gusto Cashout basics

  • Cashouts are capped at 50% of your average net pay per pay period or $1,000 - whichever is less. This ensures you will always receive funds on your payday.
  • You can cash out twice per calendar month.
  • Your Cashout includes a low fee* on any amount that’s cashed out.
  • Cashout requests submitted before 4pm PT will be deposited to your primary bank account.
    • Most deposits will reach your account the afternoon of the following business day.
  • Cashout is currently available in all states except: AZ, MA, ME, WV, IL, NV, NH, NJ, ND, OR, PA, and VT.

For questions and concerns pertaining to Gusto Cashout, please reach out to

*Based on a typical loan amount, Cashout is a less costly alternative to credit card late fees, overdraft fees, and payday loans. U.S. News, 2019 Credit Card Fee Study: What's Normal and What's Not? (2019); Center for Responsible Lending, Unfair Market: The State of High-Cost Overdraft Practices in 2017 (2018); Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, What is a payday loan? (2017).

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