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Gusto Cashout Recovery and Repayment

Cashouts are loans requested by you, the employee, and serviced by Gusto. They are repaid through your regular, direct deposit paycheck. However, there are a few situations in which a Cashout repayment may not be collected through regular, direct deposit payroll.

If a loan isn’t able to be collected through your regular, direct deposit paycheck within 16 days of the original due date, Gusto will work directly with you to collect the outstanding Cashout balance.

We’ll send you an email notifying you of a scheduled debit for Gusto to collect the outstanding amount. You will only be debited for your outstanding Cashout balance - nothing more. If we'e unable to collect at that time, we will work with you to pay off your balance.

Important: If your Cashout is not repaid via regular, direct deposit payroll within 16 days of the original due date, you will be disqualified from Cashout.

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