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Gusto Cashout recovery and repayment

With Gusto Cashout, in partnership with Sunrise Banks, N.A., you can cash out up to half of your estimated paycheck, with a maximum of $1,000, and your loan is automatically repaid through the regular payroll cycle.

Cashouts are loans between the employee and Gusto that are repaid through your employer’s regular payroll cycle. However, there are a few situations in which a Cashout repayment may not be collected through regular payroll.

If a loan isn’t able to be collected through regular payroll, Gusto will work directly with you to collect the Cashout amount. Our first step will be to send you an email notifying you of a scheduled debit for Gusto to collect the loan. In this event, there are no additional fees and the payment amount does not change. You can always choose to cancel the debit and contact us for additional options to make your payment.

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Q: Does my employer know if I use Gusto Cashout?

A: We know that your financial information is private and we’ve designed the product to protect your privacy. Your employer will not be notified when you request your Cashout and Gusto will not provide information if your employer asks about your activity.

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