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Gusto Cashout recovery and repayment


Q: How do I pay back amounts I’ve cashed out?

A: Amounts taken using Gusto Cashout are repaid from the next regular payroll paycheck. 

  • Example: If you get $100 using Gusto Cashout, your next regular paycheck will be $101 less (due to the 1% fee*).

Q: Does my employer know if I use Gusto Cashout?

A: The Cashout amount is not listed on your paystub - we know that your financial information is private and we’ve designed the product to protect your privacy.

Q: What happens if I miss a Cashout payback?

A: If there’s an outstanding balance on your account for more than 30 days, Gusto will begin the repayment process:

  • Gusto will debit your primary bank account on file 3 business days after the amount due reaches the 31-day outstanding mark. 

    • Gusto will send an email detailing the upcoming debit on the 31st day that the loan is marked as past due. 

    • Gusto will send a second email the day before the debit as an additional reminder.

Q: What if I can’t make the next payment?

A: If you are concerned that the debit to your account will not go through, you can work to pay back your loan amount via sending checks to Gusto. 

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*APR varies based on the term of the loan. For a loan amount of $400 over an 8-day term until the next payday, the APR would be 45.63%, and the repayment amount would be $404.