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Gusto Cashout available balance calculations

Your Gusto Cashout amount is calculated using several different criteria, including:

  • Your yearly calculated salary.
  • Your average net pay over a period of time.
  • How far into the current pay period you are.
  • Status of a current payroll.
  • Any history of previous cashouts taken.

Because these criteria are dependent on pay periods and payroll statuses, you may see your available amount change day-to-day.

We determine your available Cashout amount based on the average of your last three paychecks and how far you are into the current pay period. Your total available amount grows on a daily basis as you move further into the current pay period.

  • For example, on the first day of a new pay period, the loan amount that you may request may be lower than it would be on the fifth day of the period.

If you have any additional questions about Cashout, please reach out to us at or call us.

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