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Why should I offer Gusto Cashout?

Cashout is a responsible, low-cost way for your team to cover emergency expenses before payday.

  • Employees pay a low, 1% fee*.
  • There’s no extra cost** and no extra work for employers.
  • Employers aren’t responsible for amounts employees cash out.

Employer Benefits

  • Attract talent. Empower your team. Offer a benefit provided at large companies like Walmart and Uber.

    • Based on a Gusto Survey of Cashout users, 52% of employees said Cashout would impact whether they accepted a job. 

  • Give your team peace of mind with Cashout.

    • Based on a Gusto survey of Cashout users, 89% reported less financial stress. 

  • Cashout is a smarter way for employees to cover costs when they need it most.

    • To access $400, you could pay $4 with Cashout, pay $35 with a bank overdraft fee, or pay $60 for a payday loan. 

  • There’s no extra cost**, no extra work for employers, and employers aren’t responsible for amounts employees cash out.

Cashout Example

  1. Your employee, Sarah, gets in a fender bender and needs money to get her car fixed. 

  2. To pay for repairs, she cashes out money based on wages she’s already earned.

  3. Sarah’s money arrives in her bank account the next business day.

  4. A few days later, you run payroll as usual – no extra work on your end.

  5. The money Sarah cashed out, plus a 1% fee*, gets paid back from her paycheck automatically.

  6. Because Gusto Cashout is built with smart limits, Sarah will get at least half her wages on payday. 

*APR varies based on the term of the loan. For a loan amount of $400 over an 8-day term until the next payday, the APR would be 45.63%, and the repayment amount would be $404.

**Based on a loan amount of  $400 over 8 days, Cashout is a less costly alternative to credit card late fees, overdraft fees, and payday loans. U.S. News, 2019 Credit Card Fee Study: What's Normal and What's Not?, 2019;  Center for Responsible Lending, Unfair Market: The State of High-Cost Overdraft Practices in 2017, 2018; Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, What is a payday loan?, 2017.


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