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Gusto Cashout eligibility and disqualification

Employers and employees are eligible for loans based on criteria developed by Sunrise Banks and implemented by Gusto.

  • Gusto services your Cashout loan which was originated by Sunrise Banks, Member FDIC.


In order to qualify for Gusto Cashout, there are two different sets of criteria: one for the employer and one for the employee. 

  • The employer must hit all sets of criteria first before being able to offer the Cashout benefit to employees. Gusto and Sunrise reserve the right to implement additional criteria beyond those specified in this article.

Once the employer is eligible, their employees can activate Cashout if they meet all eligibility criteria. Some examples of criteria for the employer and employee include:

  • Employee Eligibility
    • W-2 EEs

    • Over 18

    • Paid via direct deposit

    • Living and working in a supported state

  • Employer Eligibility

    • Work address in a supported state

    • Approved for 2-day payroll

    • Pay employees via direct deposit

    • Processed a minimum of 3 regular payrolls

Disqualification from Gusto Cashout

If the employer or employee meet any of the disqualification criteria at any time, they will be removed from the benefit. 

Some examples of disqualification criteria include:

  • The employee or employer moves addresses to a non-supported state

  • The employee or employer no longer has an active Gusto account

  • The employee has had an unpaid Cashout balance for more than 30 days

  • The employee no longer receives direct deposit

Both Sunrise and Gusto, which services the Cashout loans originated by Sunrise Banks, Member FDIC, reserve the right to disqualify individual employees or employers at its discretion.

  • If you’re an employer and would like to deactivate Gusto’s Cashout benefit for your employees entirely, please reach out to for further assistance.

If you’re an employee and would not like to participate in Gusto’s Cashout benefit at this point in time, the benefit can be used at-will. It is not required and you can choose to not use it at any point.

If you’d like to permanently deactivate Cashout, please reach out to

  • Important: Permanently deactivating Cashout is not reversible.