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Enable Payroll on AutoPilot® with multiple pay schedules

AutoPilot is a feature that allows you to process your payroll automatically without logging into Gusto. You can eliminate the time it takes to pay your employees by using AutoPilot.

  • Note: The Autopilot® feature does not eixst for contractor payments. If you need to pay contractors in the future, adjust the check date when paying them.

After you have enabled multiple pay schedules, do the following:

  1. Click on the Settings tab
  2. Click the Payroll tab.
  3. Click Edit for the "Payroll on AutoPilot" setting.
  4. Click Enabled
  5. Click which payroll schedule should have AutoPilot enabled:
    • Both Salaried and Hourly employees
    • Just Salaried employees
    • Just Hourly employees
  6. Click Save

Note: If your account is already on AutoPilot and you add a new pay schedule, only the first pay schedule will remain on AutoPilot. The newly added pay schedule will not automatically have AutoPilot turned on. Update the AutoPilot settings to Both Salaried and Hourly employees as instructed above in order to turn this on for both payroll schedules.

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