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Actions that will disable Payroll on AutoPilot®

If your AutoPilot setting was disabled without your knowledge, here are some actions that will turn off the settings automatically: 

  • Employee changes their payment method from Direct Deposit to Check
  • A new employee is added to the account with either a Check payment method and/or no set default hours for hourly workers 
  • Company changes that result in signing new forms, and/or completing state tax setup items. Check the Home page for these notifications!
  • If you are using multiple pay schedules and an employee setting is changed that disables AutoPilot, this will affect everyone on that same pay schedule but not affect the other pay schedule. For example, if an hourly employee disables AutoPilot (has a Check payment method or is set with no default hours), AutoPilot will be disabled for the all hourly employees on this same pay schedule. However, the salaried employees on the other pay schedule will not be affected and will remain on AutoPilot.
  • Once AutoPilot is disabled, you will receive an automated email notifying you of this change. 

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