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Pay contractors

Once your contractors have been added to Gusto, pay them using the following steps. Accepted methods of payment for contractors include direct deposit to a bank account or check.

If you're using Gusto Time Tracking for contractors, learn how to sync their hours here.

  1. Click the Pay Contractors tab.
  2. Select the pay date.
    • The default date shows the earliest pay day for direct deposits.
      • Important: Contractor payments made via direct deposit cannot be expedited. If you need to pay them sooner than the 4 business day processing time, you can pay with a physical check (to be distributed externally from Gusto).
      • 2-day payroll and paying on autopilot is not available for contractor payments. 
    • Click this date to change it to a:
      • Future date, and pay with a check or direct deposit.
      • Earlier date, and pay with a check or only record it as a historical payment for reporting purposes.
  3. Enter the number of worked hours, wages, or other additional earnings.
  4. Click Memo to leave a small message on your contractor's payment.
  5. Click Save & Continue to preview the payment.
  6. Verify the total amount and click Submit Payment.

Click here to edit or cancel the payment after you've run it. 

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