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Reverse a regular payroll

Reversing vs. cancelling

Payroll processes at 4:30pm PT. You may cancel your payroll before it processes. If it has processed, but it is still before 7:00am PT the day before your pay date, you may be able to reverse the payroll.

How to reverse a regular payroll

  1. Click on the Reports tab.
  2. Navigate to the payroll you want to reverse.
  3. Click on View Details.
  4. A grey box will appear at the top of the page if you are eligible to reverse the payroll yourself.
    • If the box is not available please contact us to reverse any payrolls.
    • Click Go to Payroll Reversals.
    • Select the employees you want to reverse.
    • Click Reverse Selected.

Run an off-cycle payroll

If you need to run your payroll again after you have reversed some employees, you can run an off-cycle payroll.

Note: If you are using an accounting integration you may need to manually reconcile any reversed entries.