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Run payroll with unpaid time off hours

If you need to accommodate unpaid time off taken in a pay period, deduct these hours in your payroll. For salaried employees, you'll want to deduct 8 hours for every work day taken for unpaid time off.

  1. Click the Run Payroll tab
  2. Click Run regular payroll.
  3. Update the hours for you employees.
  • For Hourly Workers: Only include the actual amount of hours worked. If there are default amount of hours populated here, deduct the amount of hours taken for unpaid time off.
  • For Salaried Workers: Click the link showing the default regular hours. Deduct the amount of hours taken for unpaid time off.
  • Add a Personal Note for that employee regarding the adjustment in hours.
  • Finish running payroll.

If your employee has taken unpaid time off for an entire pay period, you can skip them on that payroll so that no paid working hours are entered for that time period.

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