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Run a reverse wire payroll

Definition of a reverse wire debit

A reverse wire debit is a way for us to withdraw money from your bank account using a wire transfer.

Please note, some banks do not support reverse wires, so this feature is not available for all customers.

How to activate the reverse wire feature

  1. Navigate to the Company Details section of your account.
  2. If this feature is available to you, you will find it in the Bank Account section.
  3. Click on Setup Reverse Wires.
  4. From the setup page, click Get Started.
  5. Contact your bank
    • Make sure your bank supports reverse wire debits.
    • Download Gusto’s bank information to provide to your bank.
    • Ask your bank to authorize Gusto to use a reverse wire to debit from your bank account.
    • Ask your bank for their address and wire transfer routing number for reverse wire transfers.
    • Click I’ve completed all steps.
  6. Enter the info you just collected, including your bank’s wire transfer routing number and address. Click Save & Continue.
  7. Enter your signature and click Sign if you agree to authorize us to reverse wire debit your account.

How to process a reverse wire payroll

Once you have activated the reverse wire feature in your account, navigate to the Run Payroll tab and run payroll as normal. If we are going to use a reverse wire to debit your bank account we will notify you before you submit the payroll.

Cost of a reverse wire

Your bank may charge a fee for the reverse wire transfer, the fee amount varies by bank but is usually $15-$30. Contact your bank for exact pricing - Gusto is not responsible for any fee your bank charges.

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