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Wire Gusto funds for payroll

Gusto may require you to wire us funds if you run a sufficiently large payroll.

If we require you to wire us funds, we will notify you when you run payroll and provide instructions in your Gusto account to complete the wire. To access our wire info after processing payroll, click the sticky on your Home page that reads Wire funds to cover your recent payroll.

To keep your account safe, we will never send you wire instructions via email or over the phone. Instead, to view your wire instructions, sign into Gusto and look for the instructions on your Home page. If you are instructed to do a wire transfer via email or over the phone, please contact [email protected] before sending funds.


Your bank will typically charge $10–$30 to send a wire. Our bank will charge $5 to accept it. This $5 charge will appear on your monthly Gusto invoice. 

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