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Report a tax notice

From time to time, you may get notices in the mail from the IRS and/or state agencies regarding your company’s withholding and/or unemployment tax accounts.

Many of these notices can be resolved on your own. If the notice is regarding an upcoming change to your deposit schedule or unemployment tax rate, you can make the requested change in Gusto without our assistance. Learn more about understanding tax notices.

If you can’t make the updates in Gusto, are unsure what the notice is in reference to, or the tax notice has a missing payment or balance owed follow the steps below to report it to us.

  1. Click the Taxes & compliance section and select Overview.
  2. Under “Quick links”, click Report a notice.
  3. Click Get started.
  4. Enter the year and timeframe the notice applies to.
    • Look for this at the top of the notices.

Based on the information entered, we’ll determine some next steps.

Notice is from a time period before you joined Gusto

Gusto’s authorization to file and pay on your behalf begins in the quarter that your first official check date with Gusto falls in–since we didn’t file taxes for you during that quarter, we can’t help with the notice.

Here are a few options you can take to move forward:

  • Reach out to your previous payroll provider and ask for help
  • Contact the agency that sent the notice and ask for next steps
  • Consult your CPA. If you don’t have one, search for one in our directory

We need to take a look at the notice

Upload a scan, screenshot, or high quality image of the document. Make sure to include all the pages of your notice, but only one at a time. If you have another notice, report it separately.

Once submitted, it’s been added to our queue and we’ll review it as soon as possible. Some notices are more complicated than others—you can expect a response in a few weeks. After we review your notice, we’ll email you with next steps.

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