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Complete Form I-9 for your employee

Form I-9 is used to document that each new hire is authorized to work in the United States. 

Important: The option to complete Form I-9 within your Gusto account is only available for employees who self-onboard and are added to Gusto with a start date of today or later. 

After adding your employee to Gusto, you can choose for them to enter their personal details and sign documents (including Form I-9) in their Gusto account. On your employee's start date, you’ll see a note on your dashboard and an email notification to complete the Form I-9 in Gusto.

  1. Click the Dashboard tab
  2. Click the Complete Employee I-9 sticky note.
  3. Review your new employee’s proof of identification documents that they have physically handed to you. See this article for more information on those required documents.
  4. Select which identification and work authorization documents you reviewed.
  5. Click Save & Continue.
  6. Enter the information seen on these identification and work authorization documents.
  7. Click Save & Continue.
  8. Enter your full name, your title at the company, and select I agree to electronically sign this form.
  9. Click Sign.

Once it's complete, you can view this form anytime by going to your employee's profile. To do so: go to the People section, click your employee's name, then toggle to the Documents tab. Your employee can also access and download this form at any time by navigating to the Documents tab in their own account.

If you need to edit the I-9, you'll need to correct the I-9 outside of Gusto. You can then upload the corrected version to your employee's profile so everything is up to date. Check out the USCIS website for more info on best practices when correcting an I-9.

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