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Complete Form I-9 for remote employees

If you’ve hired a remote employee, you’ll need to have them complete Form I-9 by their start date to verify their identity and eligibility to work in the United States. Government guidance requires remote verification through a video call.

Not sure how to handle the verification remotely? We’ve got you covered.

Completing the I-9 Form for remote employees

  1. Arrange a video call (ie. Zoom) with:

    • Your new employee - mandatory

    • Representative - mandatory

      • Must be at least 18 years old and physically present during the video call to verify the identification documents. 

        • Could be a roommate, partner, family member, or neighbor.

    • Translator - optional 

  2. Have your new employee bring their I-9 identification documents (should not be expired) to the video call and a physical print out of the Form I-9.

  3. Once on the video call with your new employee and their representative, have your new employee fill out Section 1 of the Form I-9. 

  4. Have the representative verify the new employee’s identification documents and fill out Section 2. 

    • The representative should double-check that every field has been filled out and that the information is correct. 

      • If they’re unsure if it has been done correctly, reference this IRS Guide for Completing Section 2

      • The identification document is acceptable so long as it identifies the new employee and reasonably appears to be genuine. 

  5. Have the new employee, representative, and translator (if applicable) sign Form I-9.

  6. Have your new employee upload picture(s)/scans to Gusto of their identification documents used for the I-9 verification.

    • Click the applicable link to learn how to scan documents on your iPhone or Android device.

  7. Have your employee upload the completed and signed Form I-9 to their Gusto account.

If and when feasible, have your new employee bring original copies of their identification documents to the office whenever they come to the physical location of the business.

Make sure to keep all documentation (eligibility documents and signed form) stored for three years, or one year after the employee’s termination, whichever comes first.

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