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Claim Georgia Tax Credits

If you filed for the Georgia Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit or other Georgia tax credits and you'd like to claim it in Gusto, contact our team from the Help section of your account.


  1. Send an email to us with an approval letter from the Georgia Department of Revenue which approves your calculation of the tax credit and confirming that the credit can be applied to withholding taxes. The following credits can be applied to withholding taxes: 
    • Clean Energy Property Tax Credit
    • Job Tax Credit
    • Tax Credit for Qualified Research Expenses (Form IT-RD)
    • Headquarters Job Tax Credit
    • Quality Jobs Tax Credit
    • Film Tax Credit
    • Postproduction Film Tax Credit
    • Musical Tax Credit***
  2. Important: Confirm in the email that you've authorized Gusto to claim the Georgia Tax Credit on your behalf on Form G-7, your quarterly Georgia state income tax filing. 
    • Gusto needs access to your account on the Georgia DOR website–we'll initiate the access to your state account and we'll reach out if there are any problems.
      • Should there be any issues, follow the steps in this article under the headline "Troubleshoot Department of Revenue authorization issues".

Once we've entered the credit in our system it will reduce your Georgia State Withholding Tax on a per payroll basis. You can track the credits that have been applied and how much credit is still available in your Gusto account under Reports by running a Tax Credits report.

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Georgia credits: check out this resource for business credits.

Georgia R&D Tax Credit: check out this resource from the state.

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