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Claim the Georgia R&D Tax Credit

If you filed for the Georgia Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit and you would like to claim it in Gusto, please contact our Payroll Care team.


  1. You must email support@gusto.com with an approval letter from the Georgia Department of Revenue which approves your calculation of the Research Tax Credit on Form IT-RD.
    • Imporant: Confirm in the email that you have authorized Gusto to claim the Georgia R&D Tax Credit on your behalf on Form G-7, your quarterly Georgia state income tax filing.
      • If Gusto is not yet authorized, this will need to be done first in order for Gusto to have authorization to claim Georgia R&D Credit on your behalf.
  2. Once we have entered the credit in our system it will reduce your Georgia State Income Tax on a per payroll basis.

Learn more

Want to learn more about the Georgia R&D Tax Credit? Check out this resource from the state.

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