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File the Oregon Form W-4

Per the Oregon Form W-4 Instructions, employers are required to send the Form OR-W-4’s within 20 days in the following scenarios:

  • When an employee claims more than ten allowances.

  • When an employee claims “Do Not Withhold”* and you anticipate to pay more than $200 per week for federal and state purposes.

    • "Do Not Withhold" can also be known as “Exemption from withholding” found on the OR-W-4, line 4.

  • When an employee claims “Do Not Withhold”* from Oregon Withholding Taxes, but not for Federal Income Tax Withholding (IRS W-4).

If your employee falls in at least one of these scenarios, please send the OR-W-4 form to:

W-4 Project Manager

Oregon Department of Revenue

PO Box 14560

Salem, OR 97309

Review how to fill out the employee Oregon Taxes filing status and allowances here

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