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File North Carolina Withholding Allowance Certificate

Per North Carolina instructions, employers are required to send the NC-4, NC-EZ, or NC-NRA with the North Carolina Department of Revenue when:

  • An employee claims more than ten allowances. 
  • An employee claims “Do Not Withhold” and you anticipate to pay more than $192 per week in 2019.
    • “Do Not Withhold” is also known as “Exempt from withholding,” found on the NC-EZ and NC-NRA.

Gusto will notify you via a Sticky on your Admin Home page if an employee falls into one of these scenarios. If notified, you'll need to send the NC-4/NC-4EZ/NC-NRA form to:

North Carolina Department of Revenue

Tax-Compliance-Withholding Tax

PO Box 25000

Raleigh, NC 27640-0001

The due dates for filing these certificates are based on your withholding filing schedule:

  • If you're a quarterly filer and you receive the NC-4/NC-EZ/NC-NRA during the current quarter, submit the certificate(s) by the current quarter’s filing due date.
  • If you are a monthly filer and you receive the NC-4/NC-EZ/NC-NRA during the current quarter, submit the certificate(s) by the third month’s filing due date (20th).

You are always free to submit the certificate(s) earlier than the due date.

Learn more about how to fill out the employee North Carolina Taxes filing status and allowances here.

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