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Special risk class code assignment

Does your employee have multiple pay rates? If so, you may be unsure which job category to select when you have a workers' compensation policy through Gusto. If your employee’s main job category falls under one of the following special risk class codes, they cannot have another risk class code selected. All job categories for that employee need to be assigned to that same code.

All states except for Delaware and Pennsylvania:

  • 8810 - Clerical
  • 8742 - Salespersons or Collectors-Outside
  • 8871 - Clerical Telecommuter Employees
  • 7380 - Drivers, Chauffeurs, Messengers, and Their Helpers NOC - Commercial
  • 8748 - Automobile Salespersons

Delaware and Pennsylvania:

  • 953 - Clerical
  • 951 - Salespersons or Collectors-Outside

To make things easy, Gusto will prevent you from selecting multiple job categories if one of these special risk class codes are selected as the primary for your employee.

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