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Find your Colorado tax account info

Withholding tax

The Colorado Department of Revenue will issue you a withholding account number. You can check your previous Colorado quarterly returns (form DR 1094) for this information. It will be an 8-digit ID number. Some documentation includes trailing digits (i.e. 12345678-003-WTH). Please enter only the first 8 digits (12345678) and no trailing digits (003-WTH). Need help? Call the Colorado Department of Revenue at (303) 238-7378.

Unemployment tax

You can find your current unemployment account number (XXXXXX.XX-X) and tax rate by referring to your most recent Notice of Employer's Tax Rate (Form UITR-7). The rate will appear as a decimal on the rate notice. Please convert it to a percent to enter it in your Gusto account. For existing employers the rate varies from 0.3%–8.15%. Need help? Call the agency at (800) 480-8299.

Occupational Privilege tax (OPT)

If you have employees working in Denver, Aurora, Sheridan, Glendale, or Greenwood Village you may be liable for OPT. You can find your OPT account number and deposit schedule on a notice from your local agency. For Denver OPT please make sure the agency is aware you are using a third party service for payroll and you will need to be a monthly depositor. If you ever leave Gusto's service, you will need to continue to deposit and file monthly, or contact the agency to have your payment schedule updated.