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New company registration in Florida

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  • Florida Department of Revenue - unemployment tax

Register a new company

Most companies are liable to file and pay Reemployment tax if they have Quarterly payroll of $1500 or more in a calendar year or one or more employees for a day during any 20 weeks in a calendar year. Check with the agency to confirm your liability at (850) 717-6623.

  1. Go to the Florida Department of Revenue website and provide the requested information to obtain a Reemployment account.
    • You may need the following information about Gusto to complete your application:
      • Agent name: Tomer London
      • Firm Name: ZenPayroll Inc
      • Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN): 453942850
      • Email:
      • Address: 1201 16th St. #350, Denver, CO 80202
      • Phone Number: (415) 935-0230
  2. Make sure that the mailing address at the beginning of the application is your company's own mailing address. Please leave question number 39 (Special Mailing Addresses) blank.
  3. The agency will issue you an account in 3-5 days by mail.
  4. If you are a brand new employer the Reemployment tax rate is typically 2.7%, which you can enter in your Gusto account as you wait to be issued an account number. Your rate will appear as a decimal on the rate notice; please convert it to a percent to enter it in your Gusto account. 

Troubleshoot Gusto third party access (TPA)

If Gusto has notified you that we were unable to gain third party access to your Reemployment account, this could be for a few reasons.

1. Your account is inactive. Reemployment account numbers can be deemed no longer active if the activity of a business ceases over the course of 8 quarters or zero returns are filed for 8 consecutive quarters. 

  • If your account has been inactive for less than two years please follow one of these processes: Call the Department of Revenue at (850) 488-6800 and provide your federal identification number (FEIN) and your Reemployment account number to reactivate. Or, request reactivation on the Florida Department of Revenue website. Fill out all applicable information. Be sure to click reactivate the account in Step 5. You will receive a confirmation that the account is reactivated within 5 business days. 
  • If your account has been inactive for more than two years, please reactivate it online with the Florida Department of Revenue. Check the box next to "Are you starting a new taxable business activity at an already registered location?" to begin the process. If you have any questions about the process you can contact the agency at (800) 352-3671.

2. A previous service provider has third party access to the account. You will need to ask your previous provider to close their account as their TPA access overrides Gusto's attempts to obtain access.

3. The account number you provided us is not valid. Call the Department of Revenue at (800) 352-3671 to obtain your correct account number.

4. The FEIN you provided us does not match the one you used to register for your Reemployment account number. Call the Department of Revenue at (800) 352-3671 to verify the FEIN associated with your account, then check to make sure this is the number you have entered in your Gusto account.

Troubleshoot Department of Revenue authorization issues

Some agencies require special authorization for Gusto to pay or file your taxes.

To ensure the success of your company’s enrollment under our unique agent number, please verify that the following information you have entered into Gusto matches what is on file with the Florida Department of Revenue:

  • Official company name/address
  • FEIN
  • RT Number (must be active)
  • Reemployment rate 

Verify the above information matches exactly what the agency has on file by giving them a call at (850) 717-6628 or (800) 352-3671.