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Find your Florida tax account info

Set up an existing company

The Florida Department of Revenue will issue you a Reemployment account number and tax rate. The number will be 7 digits, and you can find it on your Florida Quarterly Tax Return (form RT-6).

Unemployment tax rate: You can find your current tax rate on your most recent Reemployment Tax Rate Notice (Form RT-20). It ranges from 0.1%–5.4% with a wage base of $7,000. The rate will appear as a decimal on the rate notice; please convert it to a percent to enter it in your Gusto account. You can also call the Florida Department of Revenue Account Management department at (850) 717-6628 to retrieve your account number and rate. 

Please ensure you provide Gusto with your accurate 7 digit Reemployment account number and not the Florida Business Partner ID. This is a separate account used for sales tax, which is not paid via payroll.

Once you add your Florida information in your Gusto account, we work with a Florida third party vendor who represents us to gain access to your account, as the state of Florida doesn't work with individual payroll providers directly.