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Find your Georgia tax account info

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If you've run payroll in GA before, you can find your Withholding ID on any notice that you've received from the DOR or you can locate it on the agency's website. In order for Gusto to fully support you and to view your account on the GA DOR website, you need to provide Gusto with your most recent tax deposit. To determine what your most recent tax deposit amount was to the DOR you will need to sign in to your account here. You can also validate your Withholding ID and last deposit by calling the agency at (877) 423-6711. 

Businesses that have run payroll in the past can find their DOL Account Number on notices received from the DOL. 

Total Tax Rate: Your total tax rate can be found on the Employer Tax Rate notice that your business receives annually from the Department of Labor. It ranges from 0.04%–8.1%. You may also call the agency at (404) 232-3300 to get both your rate and your account number.