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The Department of Revenue issues you an income tax withholding taxpayer ID. This taxpayer ID number will include your FEIN and Sequence number, and you can find it on your Illinois Withholding Income Tax Return (IL-941). If you are unsure about your taxpayer ID number (especially the sequence number), please contact (800) 732-8866.

Your Unemployment account number and your Illinois UI Contribution Rate will be on the Notice of Contribution Rate that you receive from the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) each year. Please note your unemployment tax number is NOT the same as your FEIN.

UI contribution rates range from 0.475%–6.875%, with a wage base of $12,960. When entering your UI Contribution Rate, please be sure to include the Fund Builder Rate of 0.475% for 2019. If you're unsure about your rate, please call the agency at (800) 247-4984.