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Find your Indiana tax account info


If you've run payroll in Indiana in the past, you can find your TID on notices that you have received from the Indiana Department of Revenue or you can call the agency at (317) 233-4016 to find out what it is.


Your Indiana SUTA Premium Rate appears in the "Total Premium" box of the SUTA notice that you receive from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.Click here to view state-by-state UI rates and wage bases. If you’re unsure of your rate, verify it by calling the agency at (800) 437-9136.

Third party authorization

You must grant Gusto access to your Indiana Department of Workforce Development account so we can successfully file and pay your taxes. To grant Gusto the required access:

  1. Sign into the Uplink portal here.
  2. Navigate to the User Maintenance menu on the left side of the page. 
  3. Add ZenPayroll, Inc. as an External Account User. Our agent number is 116975.
    • Note: ZenPayroll, Inc. is Gusto's legal entity name.

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