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New company registration in Iowa

Income tax withholding

Register online with the Iowa Department of Revenue. Please read the instructions and once ready, click on Start at the bottom of the page to begin completing the application. You should receive your Withholding Permit Number and deposit schedule in about 4-6 weeks. Please keep this time frame in mind when planning your first Iowa payroll.

After you register for a Withholding Permit Number with the Iowa Department of Revenue you will also receive a Business eFile Number (BEN).

Unemployment tax

Most companies are liable for state unemployment if they have $1,500 in wages paid in a past or current quarter or have paid one or more employees for any portion of 20 different calendar weeks. Check out the New Business Fact Sheet to learn how to register. You can also check your liability and register online with the Iowa Workforce Development. You should receive your UI account number and rate instantly after registering online.

Contribution Rate

The rate ranges from 1–7.5% for new employers. If you're unsure of your rate, please call the agency at (888) 848-7442.

Troubleshoot Workforce Development authorization issues

Some agencies require special authorization for Gusto to pay or file your taxes. To do this in Iowa, Gusto will request an ACH credit number from the department of Workforce Development on your behalf.

To ensure the success of our request, please verify that the following information you have entered into Gusto matches what is on file with the agency:

  • Official company name/address
  • FEIN - Federal Employment Identification Number
  • Unemployment Account Number 

If Gusto is having trouble gaining access to your account, please verify that the above information matches exactly what the agency has on file by giving them a call at (515) 281-5387.