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Find your Kentucky tax account info

Income tax withholding

Your Department of Revenue account number will be 6 digits. If you have a 9 digit number with 3 leading zeroes, please leave the zeroes off. The agency will assign you a deposit schedule of twice monthly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. You can find your account number will be on any return (K-1, K-1E, K-3 and K-3E) sent from the Kentucky Department of Revenue.

Unemployment tax

Your UI Kentucky Employer Identification Number (KEIN) number will be 9 digits (XX-XXXXXX-X), usually with two leading zeros. Please enter in the zeros into your Gusto account. Most companies are liable for state unemployment if they have paid $1500 in wages in a calendar quarter or had one employee in any part of 20 different weeks in a calendar year. Your KEIN account number will be on your Quarterly Unemployment Report (Form UI-3).

Your UI Rate appears next to the "UI Rate" section of the Notice of Contribution Rate that you receive from the KY Division of Unemployment Insurance. Click here to view state-by-state UI rates and wage bases

  • Important: do not include the UI Tax Surcharge Rate, this is automatically calculated by Gusto.

Your rate may change from time to time, usually annually. Please make sure to update your rate in your Gusto account if the agency sends you a notice of rate change.

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