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New company registration in Maryland

Maryland tax agencies

  • Comptroller of Maryland - income tax withholding
  • Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (DLLR) - unemployment tax 

Register a new company

Income tax withholding and unemployment account numbers

Register with the Comptroller of Maryland online to obtain both your Central Registration Number (CRN) for income tax and your Employer Account Number for unemployment tax.

Click Begin Registration at the bottom of the website to get started. Please keep the registration time frames below in mind when planning your first Maryland payroll. 

  • You should receive your Central Registration Number within 7 days after registering online, or in 2 weeks if registering by mail.
  • You can also call (800) 638-2937 or email [email protected] after 5 days to receive your CRN earlier. 

Unemployment tax rate

Your MD Unemployment Tax Rate appears in the "Contribution Rate" box of the Experience Rate Notice from the Maryland Department of Labor.

New employers must complete the registration with the Comptroller of Maryland to receive their new employer rate. You'll also need to register Gusto as your Third Party Agent (TPA) in order for us to file and pay taxes on your behalf–instructions for how to do so can be found below.

Third Party Agent (TPA) registration

Once you've added your Maryland Unemployment account number in Gusto, we'll generate the TPA form you need to upload to the Maryland BEACON portal.

  1. In Gusto, head to the Documents section of your admin account.
  2. Download the signed MD Power of Attorney form.
    • Keep in mind: this won't be generated until you've entered your unemployment account number in Gusto.
  3. Sign in to to your Maryland BEACON portal
  4. Under "Your Options", select Account Maintenance.
  5. Under "Employer Account", select Agent Assignment
  6. Click Add Agent.
  7. Enter Gusto's agent ID: MD8B2Y
    • Gusto’s legal business name, Zenpayroll, may populate as the Agent Name once the ID is entered — proceed as instructed.
    • You can also search our agent name, which is: Zenpayroll, Inc DBA Gusto.
  8. Click Select POA to upload the signed Power of Attorney form generated by Gusto.
  9. Select only the following roles:
    • Wage Submission (Original and Amended)
    • Payment Submission
    • Account Maintenance Updates
  10. For the "Access Begin Date" for the roles, enter the "Start date" listed on the Power of Attorney form Gusto generated.
    • Leave the "Access End Date" blank.
  11. Click Save.
    • The Assigned Agent list should display Gusto (Zenpayroll, Inc DBA Gusto) as your agent. 
  12. Once we're listed as your agent with the agency, in Gusto, go to Company details.
  13. Scroll to the "Maryland Tax Setup" headline.
  14. Click Manage taxes.
  15. Click edit next to "Third Party Authorization".
  16. Select Yes, I have authorized Gusto.
  17. Click Save.

Troubleshoot MD Department of Labor authorization issue

To ensure successful authorization, verify the following information entered into Gusto matches the information found in your Maryland BEACON portal:

  • Official company name/address
  • FEIN (Federal Employment Identification Number)
  • Unemployment Account Number 

If Gusto is still not able to access your account, call the agency at (410)-949-0033 to verify all information above matches what's in Gusto.

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