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New company registration in Montana

Income tax withholding

If this is your first time running payroll in Montana, you can register with the Montana Department of Revenue online. If you have any questions about the registration process you can call the agency at (866) 859-2254.

  1. Once on the website, navigate to the "I want to" header/section. 
  2. Click Register for a new Tax Account
  3. When registering, choose Withholding as your account type.
  4. You should receive your Withholding Account ID in 10 to 14 business days by mail. Please keep this time frame in mind when planning your first Montana payroll. You may be able call the agency to inquire about your Withholding Account ID a few days after registering online. 

Unemployment tax

New employers in the state of Montana can register with the Montana Department of Labor & Industry online. You should receive your UI Account Number in 7 days after registering online.

UI Contribution Rate

The UI Contribution Rate can be found on the Welcome Letter or Subjectivity Letter that is received from the Montana Department of Labor & Industry. It ranges from 1%-2.4% with a wage base of $33,000 in 2019. Please exclude the Administrative Fund Tax (AFT) component when entering your rate in Gusto. If you’re unsure, verify your rate by calling the agency at (800) 550-1513.